Raju Mukherjee - Tutor

About Raju - Your Hindi tutor in Varanasi

Rajeshwar (Raju) Mukherjee founded Pragati Hindi classes in 1999. Since then he has been teaching Hindi to many visitors to Varanasi keen to learn the national language of India.

The best way to learn Hindi is by speaking

Lessons with Raju are both practical and fun. As far as possible you will be speaking in Hindi and practicing what you have learnt with Raju so you can develop the confidence to speak hindi with the people of Varanasi and throughout the rest of India. All lessons and classes can be fully tailored to your needs and duration of stay in Varanasi.

Hindi lessons for complete beginners or advanced students

Raju is a experienced and skilled teacher of Hindi and has developed a number of different techniques he can draw on to ensure both the casual learner as well as the dedicated student can benefit from lessons with him. He has an excellent knowledge of Hindi structure, grammar, formal and colloquial usage - this puts him in an excellent position to guide students through learning the language.


Students learning with Raju