Hindi lessons and classes in Varanasi

Learn Hindi with or without the Devnagiri alphabet - its up to you

Most students want to learn conversational Hindi without the Devanagri alphabet. Their aim is to converse with the people they meet and make their experience of travelling in India more rich and interesting. Raju teaches Hindi phonetically and this is of course an excellent way to learn - transliterating Hindi into the language of the student. On request Raju can also teach the Devanagri alphabet to students and help them to learn to read Hindi.


Raju has taught a large number of students from the universities of Milan and Venice. These students aim has been to develop both colloquial and more formal Hindi language skills - both of which Raju can easily accomodate.

Come and talk to us about how you want to learn Hindi

Anyone interested in learning Hindi is welcome to come and discuss their aims for learning with Raju first. You can then agree how you would like any lessons and classess structured so you get the best out of your time. All Hindi lessons are held at Raju's house in Varanasi.

Lessons also available via Skype

Hindi lessons are also available via skype - ideal for the student to prepare for a trip to India or to continue to develop their Hindi language skills.


Please contact Raju, your Hindi language teacher at Pragati Hindi for further information.